Traders’ Regulations


The Anasazi Free-Trappers work diligently to keep our Public Rendezvous as period as possible. Please understand that these rules and regulations are not intended to “pick” on anyone, but rather to maintain the spirit of the Rendezvous! It is important to maintain the authenticity of the Rendezvous. We want all visitors and participants to enjoy the feel of “Stepping Back In Time”. This is a reenactment of Pre 1840 era and we, as Buckskinners, should convey, study for period correctness and embrace that era. It is with that Spirit of Rendezvous that we ask your cooperation in that quest.

Traders and the Spirit of the Rendezvous are inseparable and no truthful portrayal of this period in American History can be authentic without the presence and participation of traders. The goods we have come to expect in the trade tents and blankets represent the honor and traditions of our country, and embody the talents and skills of our friends and their reverence for those traditions. Some of those goods are simply necessities that support our families’ participation in the Rendezvous and its myriad activities and events.

Many of the trade goods of yore will not satisfy today’s living history participant. There is little demand for flour, sugar, Vermillion, surcingles and various traps etc. Still many of the trade items sought out by our forefathers are still in high demand and in fact are integral to the future of the Rendezvous, namely guns, knives, blankets, powder, lead, tools, hides and furs, cups and combs.

Sadly, the participants and traders have allowed themselves in many cases to be drawn into the modern world and have adapted goods that are of materials and technologies that are not of the period. We can all agree that certain modern concessions are necessary, particularly to protect the health and safety of our friends and family. Some of these concessions are not true to the Spirit of the Rendezvous and do not add to the portrayal of history. The old comeback of “ If they had it, they would have used it” does not have a place in any true reenactment. The following information and rules are offered for your consideration to further the Spirit of the Rendezvous and add to the accuracy of our portrayal of history.


All shelters on Trader’s Row must be constructed of pre-1840 type materials, canvas, oil cloth or other natural fibers, such as smoked hides or wool blankets. If your tent has a screen window please keep the flap lowered or closed to cover it.

All modern or post-1840 equipment must be kept covered and out of site. A simple canvas cover will hide many non-period items. Please keep your lodge doors closed if you have modern items inside not covered. Buckets, modern table legs etc must be kept covered at all times. Just because an item is made of wood or canvas does not make it correct.. A good example would be the wood and canvas “reclining chairs” and “director style chairs”. While seen at rendezvous these are not appropriate.

Wood is available at the rendezvous site but we are a Dry Camp. Please plan accordingly

All cups, cookware, dishes etc should be tin, wood, horn, pewter or iron, when used outside of your tent. We will allow enamelware at our Rendezvous but know that some Rendezvous’ will not.

Lighting should be restricted to candle or oil lamps. Please keep your Kerosene Lamps inside your lodge. Use flashlights only in emergency situations. (Finding your last bottle of beverage at midnight is not an emergency!)

Fires must be kept in burn barrels in the Tin-Tee-Pee area with a fire bucket available. Primitive Camps may have fire pits, if approved by Booshway, to meet the period correctness of your camp. Please make sure you have a practical fire bucket at each camp. Pits should be refilled and the sod replaced before you leave the rendezvous. Fires are allowed in accordance with state law and are subject to burn bans etc. depending on conditions. Please come prepared for open fire bans.

Food Vendors

* All cooking areas must be set up and arranged for period correctness. This may include panels, curtains etc to hide any modern cooking units, supplies etc. Reasonable concessions can be made for the benefit of the Rendezvous and to promote the health and safety of the participants but food vendors must make every attempt to limit modern materials for serving where at all possible and practical. You can make coverings out of canvas, muslin or other period correct fabrics.

* Traders may use modern packaging including paper plates, plastic cups, spoons etc. but we ask that all modern product be covered with Brown Paper coverings or a period color or something equivalent. We strongly suggest food vendors, to have rendezvousers bring their own plates, utensils and cups for their meals. Most of you have attended other period Rendezvous and have seen other ideas that are acceptable. Again, reasonable concessions can be made for the benefit of the Rendezvous and to promote the health and safety of the participants but food vendors must make every attempt to limit modern materials for serving where at all possible and practical

* Rendezvousers should provide a drinking vessel when purchasing any beverage including water. If purchase is for the public please provide a brown paper covering or glass bottle for that beverage. Keep all cans and plastic bottles covered when serving.

* No Liquor of any kind will be sold

* No pre-wrapped food ( candy bars, potato chips)

* Keep food as authentic as possible.

* Fire Extinguishers are required for food vendors.

* Food Vendors must supply their own trash containers and are responsible for the sanitary condition of their dining area. We also ask that you monitor your trash so we don’t have the modern packaging in plain sight. There is a landfill in Central (open the day) where you can dispose of your trash. Please do not burn trash on Traders Row as it is offensive to other Traders, Public and Participants.

* Food Vendors must have a current state food handler’s permit and are responsible for compliance with local, state, and federal ordinance relating to the preparation and sale of food to the public.

* Re-Supply of goods and foods during the Rendezvous. There is a hand cart at registration if needed.

Trade Goods

Trade goods are allowed at the discretion of the Booshway, Trade Commissioner, again if it is not pre-1840, don’t put it out for sale/trade. Many new and veteran Buckskinners rely on traders for their wares so please be conscious that they put a lot of faith in that what you sell at the rendezvous is usable at the rendezvous.

The Booshway or Trade Commissioner has the final word on all matters concerning his or her rendezvous. If you have a question about any particular rule, refer it to the current Booshway or Trade Commissioner, Crawdad.

1. All trade goods should be of pre-1840 design and materials. Certain concessions for safety are acceptable only when a reasonable pre-1840 item cannot be substituted. Ex (Co2 ball discharger)

a. If the item is of a post 1840 design and materials it should be discreetly offered for sale via signage but not openly displayed.

2. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: firearms and knives of a post 1840 design, Plastic and nylon items, iridescent, fluorescent feathers, ball caps, t-shirts, ceramic figurines, or any figurine that depicts unicorns, medieval, far east etc. subjects, novelty mugs, lamps, wind chimes, crystal balls, dyed rabbit feet and key chains of any kind, stainless steel and aluminum items (except where a reasonable replacement for health and safety cannot be found), plastic, fiberglass etc. knife handles, bows, gunstocks, buttons, dream catchers, mandalas, etc. and all other questionable swap meet type items are prohibited. Any illegal good or substance according to federal, state and local law is prohibited.

3. Tapes, CD’s, and videos that are packaged in plastic etc or modern glossy four color prints should be covered at all times.

4. Maps, books, and original paintings on canvas may be sold if they are relevant to the pre-1840 fur trade. One item may be out uncovered if the rest are shrink-wrapped.

5. Contemporary artwork and artistic depictions of Native American and Mountain Man subjects should be of the period, on canvas. No depictions of mountain men, Indians etc. with fluorescent, chrome, or iridescent paint should be sold or displayed.

6. Jewelry should be documented to the period, or not offered for sale. Typically, turquoise jewelry and pipe bone chokers are not considered Period….it goes without saying that plastic beads and fluorescent feathers should also not be offered for sale. No silver and turquoise mixed jewelry.

7. Packaging, price marking and advertising should be made of pre-1840 materials. No plastic, Styrofoam, cellophane etc is allowed to be displayed. Stock items stored in modern packaging must be kept out of sight or covered at all times (blankets, books and patterns in plastic cases.)

8. Toys: tin flutes, wooden guns, wooden swords, knives and toy tomahawks, may be sold but not in plastic packaging or contain plastic parts. Pop guns are not acceptable.

9. Furs, hides, claws, and animal parts are to be sold in compliance with all state, federal and local ordinances. It is the responsibility of the trader to contact the appropriate agencies, usually a given state’s Fish and Wildlife or Conservation Department. No plastic or polymer (artificial) dental material, claws, or bones. Most states have rules regarding the sale of furs, feathers and other parts of wild animals often used in pre-1840 accoutrements and clothing. It is your duty as a trader to investigate these laws and comply with them if you are planning to offer these items for sale and trade.

10. A trader is defined as anyone who is offering goods for sale or trade in the Rendezvous. Anyone offering goods for sale in the parking lot will be defined as a trespasser and asked to leave.

     a. For blanket traders, a trade blanket or hide is limited to 72” x110” (4-point blanket) of space to sell goods. Said goods shall not be “re-stocked” once sold. If you want to sell goods as a commercial venture, gods bless, but please pay the required trader fee.

11. Any trader not in compliance with the rules, especially after having been issued two warnings will be told to shutdown or leave the Rendezvous.

Procedures for removal of non-period trade items, their containers, packaging and labeling. Again, if you have anything with modern packaging, you can sell those items but please have it hidden or covered with a sign attached.

    A. The Trade Commissioner will notify and explain the nature of the problem and request compliance with the Trade Rules and Regulations and explain the consequences of non-compliance.

    B. If the Trader disagrees with the Trade Commissioner, they will remove said item(s) and will contact the Trade Commissioner and Booshway with their reasons for disagreement. All decisions of the Trade Commissioner are final.

    C. If, after the above steps, the Trader is still in non-compliance and the Trader refuses to comply with the Trade Rules and Regulations, he/she/ they will be asked to remove all Trade items for the duration of the event. If the Trader still refuses to comply the Booshway will be contacted for further actions and the Trader will be asked to leave the event.


Unacceptable Trade Items

Examples of unacceptable trade goods include, but are not limited to, the list of identified items titled “Unacceptable Trade Goods”.

This is a list of items we do not wish to see at Rendezvous.

It is not all-inclusive. Some items will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Please remember this is a Fur-Trade Era, 1650-1840, event and we are trying to keep our Rendezvous to that standard……

o African Bead Work- Jewelry, crosses, art, etc

o Antler Art- Chandeliers, candleholders, non-period carvings, exotic carved, etc

o Art/Paintings- thing Non-Period, open display of framed art, scenes painted on skulls, rocks, saw blades, buckskin

o Artificial Sinew- Is accepted as a thread, not a decoration

o Audio Tapes- Not openly displayed (period books are ok)

o Australian Goods- Musical instruments, cloths

o Badges- Law enforcement, etc

o Ballpoint Pens

o Bead Work- Taiwan, doll necklaces, miniature beaded moccasins, plastic, Fima, no imported finished beadwork, etc

o Beaded Earrings- Beaded earrings were never made by Indians during the Fur Trade Era or even Reservation Era. They are modern Pow-Wow jewelry. They are sometimes considered rendezvous acceptable if they are not made with modern colors, styles of beads, and animal patterns

o Belt Buckles- Any modern design

o Belts- Anything modern

o Bird Houses- decorated or painted, gourd, etc

o Candles- Anything modern, scented, colored

o Cap Guns

o Cedar Tourist Boxes- Discretionary item, no modern closures, snaps, sythetic material

o Ceramics- Modern vases, cups, pots, masks, etc

o Cigarette Lighter Cases or Covers

o Civil War Era Goods

o Claws and Teeth- Any illegal animal or animal not in keeping with the spirit of the rendezvous

o Clothing- Non-period zippers, plastic buttons, nylon, etc

o Copper- Bracelets or other jewelry stamped with tipi or thunderbirds, etc

o Cork (Pop) Guns

o Cowboy Era Goods- Clothing, riveted jeans, etc

o Crafts- Non-period

o Crystal Ball- Necklaces, earrings (claw, hand, wizard, etc)

o Dolls- Modern porcelain, rubber, Kachina, plastic parts, etc except “period-correct”

o Dream Catchers- Wall display, earrings, necklaces, etc

o Enamel Ware- Is not period, but is considered rendezvous acceptable

o Fart Spoons

o Fasteners- Snaps, Velcro, zippers, etc

o Feathers- Unnatural colors, illegal birds of prey, etc (feathers dyed natural colors are ok)

o Fima- Beads and jewelry

o Fish Assholes- (Spaghetti O’s relabeled)

o Flutes- No bamboo or cane

o Food Items- Excluding small food items

o Furs- Fake, dyed bright colors, fake coonskin caps

o Glasses- “John Lennon” sunglasses with plastic ear or nose pieces

o God’s Eyes- Or other glass objects of a modern decorative nature

o Guns- Non-period revolvers (cap lock rifles, Patterson ok)

o Hangers- Modern, wire (wood with metal hooks ok)

o Hat tacks, Pins,- No modern design

o Hats- Non-period hatpins, tacks, fake fur hatbands

o Honey Sticks- Plastic

o Horns- Exotic carved or raw, horns that are not native to North America

o Horse Shoe Puzzles

o Imported Beadwork- ANY

o Incense/Scented- Oil In modern containers

o Key Chains- Any

o Knives- “NON-PERIOD, folding fishing knives, plastic handles, multi-colored handles, snap sheathes, Pakistan-type with unnatural handles, boot knives, Malaysian-style kriss knives (wavy blades), Stainless SteelKnives will not be sold to anyone under 16 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.”

o Lanterns- Pakistan-type (brass with etched glass), kerosene lanterns not period but acceptable inside your lodge

o Magazines, Books- Not openly displayed (period books are ok)

o Mandellas

o Masks- Any modern design

o Mexican Blankets- Pastel and fluorescent colors (old colors like Rio Grand are ok)

o Modern Jewelry- Rings, necklaces, earrings (excluding wedding rings)

o Money Clips- Any modern design

o Noise Makers- Any modern design, bamboo flutes, hand drums with two twisting beads (tin flutes, harmonicas, and jews harps are ok)

o Novelty Items- Road Kill items, rubber animals that jump out of a box, rattle snake eggs

o Nylon Rope- Or products made from it

o Oval Conchos- Oval Conchos are a later period than the Fur Trade

o Pencil Sharpeners- No modern metal

o Pendants- No modern metal

o Photo Booths- Non-period

o Plastic- Beads, bags, claws, elk teeth, talons, fingers, skulls, hatbands, charms, canteens, buttons, harmonicas, hairpipe, etc


o Quilts- Discretionary item

o Rain Sticks

o Reconstituted- Antler, ivory, and bone items

o Road Kill/Joke Items- (Does not mean fox, coyote, badger, and other assorted critters found on the highway)

o Rubber- Rubber band guns, Native American items, insects or animals

o Screws- Wooden products with visible screws (philips, Chromium, etc)

o Shirts- Indian Wars/Ribbon shirts

o Soaps- Other than those found at that time

o Stones- Polished stone jewelry, modern cut stones, onyx jewelry, Hematite, Zingers, onyx fetishes

o Taxidermy Animals

o Turquoise and Coral- Jewelry – modern cut or production

o Utensils- Cheap chrome items with or without antler handles (ice cream scoops, etc)

o Velcro Items

o Welded Items- Unless you can grind out visible welds (camp stoves, braziers, folding grills?)

o Wind Chimes

o Zippers