**** Annual Utah State Knife and Hawk Championship - Please see contest information ****

Grubstakers’ Roll

Every organization includes those who, while sometimes not “members” as such, give of themselves and their talents to make the organization live, breathe, and become a wonderful place for everyone. Herewith follows our list of folks who “grubstake” us, whether by donations of prizes, gifts of time and effort, or simply moral support. We’d like to thank them all here in public, and the next time you see them at the site or around town, please thank them in person!


Al Haberman (BarkingBeard)
Long Bows and all other Archery Accouterments

Dixie Gun and Fish
1062 E Tabernacle St
St George UT


Naugamok the Blacksmith
“NaugaMok” blacksmiths up a storm!
See him at Rendezvous.