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Camp Rules





  • 1. Pre-1840 dress and gear are required in the “Primitive Camp” area. Please keep all modern gear out of sight or covered up. NO propane lanterns allowed in Primitive camp. If you can’t comply, please camp in the “Tin-Tipi” area.
  • 2. If you wish to camp in the primitive area, you must walk in, pick your spot or locate the people you are camping with, then bring in your vehicle, unload and have your vehicle out in 45 minutes. Then return to your camp and set-up. The same applies when you are leaving. Only one vehicle trip in and out is allowed. No vehicles are allowed to stay in primitive camp. The road around primitive camp is a one-way. Please observe signs. The Dog Soldiers can help you if you have any questions.
  • 3. Modern Camp (Tin Tipi) will have a designated area, you must check with registration, a club official or Dog-Soldier. This will insure you don’t camp in areas that could be subject to incoming rounds from shooting events or that may infringe on the primitive camp areas. THERE IS A GENERATOR QUIET TIME. At all other times please run generators only when necessary. Please respect the atmosphere and re-enactment of primitive camps and rendezvous.
  • 4. All participants must have a medallion to participate, with the exception of the children’s games. You will also be given a ribbon when you register. Please affix the ribbon to your lodge, trade tent or Tin Tipi so it is visible to the Dog Soldiers.
  • 5. Parents are responsible for children at all times. Please know the range boundaries and keep your children out of those areas.
  • 6. All animals MUST be on a leash, kept quiet, restricted to your campsite and cleaned up after. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • 7. DO NOT THROW TRASH OR CANS INTO THE HOOTERS!! ALWAYS keep your campsite policed and in order. UPON LEAVING MAKE SURE ALL YOUR TRASH LEAVES WITH YOU. DO NOT BURY!!! The Trapping Party officers and other members aren’t on garbage detail. We haul our own trash and so should you. There will be garbage bags available at registration if you need them. We expect you to use them. This includes empty cans out of your fire barrels, cigarette butts left around your campsite etc.
  • 8. Outside fires will be permitted only in off ground fire pits. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE YOUR FIRES CLOSE TO THE TREES. No other outside fires will be permitted. We do have barrels available around the area if you need one. No fires shall be left unattended. You must have a shovel, fire extinguisher, water bucket, water pump can or some sort of water supply, easily accessible, in case of an emergency.
  • 9. Firewood is available but upon leaving please stack any unused wood under a tree or in a pile at the perimeter of your camp.
  • 10. The “Dog Soldiers” are the Rendezvous Police. Armband insignia’s worn on their left arm can recognize them. They will issue a warning on infractions the first time. If they must explain the warning the second time, it could conclude in expulsion, without a refund of fees from the Rendezvous. All the above depends on the infraction and circumstances.
  • 11. There will be NO dry firing caps or loading of guns in the primitive or modern camping areas.
  • 12. If anyone has a suggestion or complaint for the Trapping Party pertaining to the Rendezvous, please put it in writing and give it to one of the hosting Trappers, Registration or Dog Soldiers. If the complaint is judged to need immediate attention, we will handle it at that time. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time, so we won’t stand around and argue or bicker about something for hours. We are all adults, in pursuit of the same thing. There is nothing that can’t be talked about calmly and rationally.